Huizhou City Shuo Ze Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is the Taiwan-seok electronic technology companies in mainland China regional sales operations center, the company set up in 1998, specializes in touch switches, multi-function switch, detection switch, light switch, key switch, micro switch Production and sales as one of the electronic technology enterprises, the products are widely used in automotive electronics, digital products, communications equipment, audio equipment, audio and video equipment, audio and video equipment, Household appliances and electronic equipment. The company's advanced manufacturing equipment and testing equipment, as well as domestic and foreign experts in the research and development and quality control center, coupled with high-quality workforce, and scientific management methods and ISO9001 quality control system to ensure that our excellent quality, good Service, very competitive prices to win the trust of customers! The company has a number of modern, understand science and technology, good management of high-quality management personnel, and has a switch socket for many years engaged in research and development of high-quality scientific and technological personnel, from design, development to production, quality shipments, have strict control . The product quality of meticulous. The technical director has the ability to continuously innovate and develop existing product technologies. To ensure that the company's products with the world simultaneously with the high-tech standards and advanced nature. In the "professional production, the scale of sales, perfect service," the operating principle of the company in an effort to achieve and provide high-quality products "for the purpose of scientific management-oriented, product monitoring, tracking, continuous improvement services.

We sincerely look forward to working with domestic and foreign merchants hand in hand, and common development.